Founded: 2015

Leadership: Jeremy King

Total funding: $20.0m

Team size: 51 – 100

Head office: London, UK

Attest is an all-in-one market, competitor, brand and consumer intelligence platform that enables companies to learn, measure and grow ever-faster, across Marketing, Product, Brand, Innovation, Competition, Pricing and beyond. Attest makes the most valuable ‘missing’ data, immediately available to decision-makers and teams, for their most valuable decisions.

What data about your target consumers are you missing most, that would be most useful to you, if you could access it today? The segments where you’re weak or could grow more. The markets and areas you’re thinking about entering. The opportunities you understand the least, yet hold the greatest value. The Attest platform enables companies to engage directly with over 100 million consumers across 80 countries, starting in 90 seconds.