SwiftScale Selections — a monthly feature of 5 fast-growth startups doing good stuff in a particular vertical.

In the last two months of 2018 we explored exciting data & talent acquisition companies. For the first month of 2019, we’re focussing on customer insight…

The 5 scaleups we’ve chosen are:

Synerise AI-driven Growth-as-a-Service platform

Poland-based, 2013 founded, €16M raised, 140 employees

Where’s the good stuff?

Recognised by the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, as “building the next generation marketing cloud”, included in EY’s ‘30 Global Innovative and Technology High Growth Start-Ups’ and have a plethora of fantastic clients including Carrefour, Orange, Microsoft and EY.

What do they do?

Their all-in-one cloud platform enables companies to create a 360° view of every customer in a single omnichannel ecosystem — allowing companies to track all customer interactions, easily segment customer groups and target them with hyper-relevant, personalised content.

Synerise started as a marketing enhancer but has expanded its functionalities dramatically. Now, the platform includes advanced tools that drive revenue growth, expand business intelligence and manage price optimisation.

Attest Market and brand intelligence

UK-based, 2015 founded, $4.1M raised, 50 employees

Where’s the good stuff?

Selected for Tech Nation’s Upscale 2018 cohort and have many high calibre clients including Deliveroo, Fever-Tree, Twitter, Uber and Unilever.

What do they do?

Attest gives companies bespoke insights and answers in real-time, so they can make consumer-focussed decisions with speed and confidence, whenever they need it.

Through their scalable intelligence platform, hundreds of companies connect every day to their audience of 100 million consumers across 80 different countries, helping them get closer to their customers, win more business and drive growth.

LivingLens — Deeper insights using video

UK-based, 2015 founded, £4.1M raised, 28 employees

Where’s the good stuff?

Also selected by Tech Nation for the 2017 Upscale cohort with key clients including Chanel, Dyson, GfK, Lloyds Bank and O2.

What do they do?

LivingLens’ video intelligence solution unlocks the power of video for brands, agencies and technology providers, transforming content into a useable data asset and enabling fast insight generation and powerful storytelling.

They provide solutions for capturing, mining, analysing and sharing consumer video content to amplify the value of consumer insight and customer feedback. Their video visualisation platform uncovers insights from the spoken word, actions, objects & sentiment in 44 languages.

Decibel Digital experience intelligence

UK-based, 2014 founded, $9M raised, 115 employees

Where’s the good stuff?

They boast Tesco, British Airways, Sony, Siemens as key clients, were named a cool vendor by Gartner in 2018 and raised a $9M Series A led by Eight Roads.

What do they do?

Decibel (formerly Decibel Insight) provides real-time intelligence that enables businesses to measure and improve online customer experiences — at scale.

Pioneering the world’s first technology designed specifically to quantify experiences, Decibel’s Digital Experience Intelligence platform captures unique experience data, enriched by machine learning, to reveal digital behaviour, understand user state of mind and pinpoint problem areas on your website, web applications and native apps.

UserTribe — Customer empowered business

Denmark-based, 2013 founded, Bootstrapped105 employees

Where’s the good stuff?

Top clients include Deloitte, JP Morgan, Lego, Maersk and McDonald’s and they’ve bootstrapped to a very impressive MRR.

What do they do?

UserTribe enables companies to validate ideas, hypotheses, prototypes, products and services with their customers — at every stage of development. Companies can connect to customers in any segment, any language and generate useful insights, in as little as 48 hours.

Their idea-to-launch platform takes a business question or challenge and determines the best format and methodology for an unbiased, qualitative customer session. The platform subsequently recruits target groups, analyses and delivers a report with key findings along with a fully tagged video library that the client can access at any time.