SwiftScale Selections is a monthly feature of 5 fast-growth, enterprise tech startups doing good stuff in a particular vertical.

In the last few months we’ve explored exciting Customer InsightLegalTechCyber Security and Workplace Wellness companies. For our 7th edition we’re taking a look at Chatbots.

Chatbots are becoming a staple constituent of any enterprise experience, making otherwise complex human to human interactions more cost-effective and efficient. Inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil (responsible for developing early Google chatbots) said that by 2029, conversations with chatbots will be undistinguishable from those with a human. While we are not quite there yet, here are 5 scaleups that we think are innovating within this space:

Passage AIhelping businesses put their customers first

US-based, 2016 founded, $10.3M raised, 30 employees

Where’s the good stuff?

They raised their Series A round in mid-2018, led by Blumberg Capital, with further backing from original investors Storm Ventures and 11.2 Capital. Their existing enterprise clients cover a range of industry verticals, and include the likes of Mercedes, Accenture, SoftBank, Shell and Mastercard.

What do they do?

Passage AI provides companies with a platform that allows them to build, train and deploy chatbots without coding and with extremely high accuracy. Their state of the art deep learning algorithms are used by some of the largest corporations in the world to help automate a range of tasks in both HR and IT, such as customer queries and ticket submissions.

Their Natural Language Processing (NLP) works in over 100 languages, with accuracy of over 95% in field tests, and integrates with all major messaging platforms. It’s no wonder that they were awarded ‘Technology of the Year’ at the inaugural 2019 Excellence in Customer Service Awards.

Hyper Annayour personal, AI-powered data analyst

Australia-based, 2016 founded, A$17.3M raised, 49 employees

Where’s the good stuff?

Backed by investors Sequoia Capital China and Airtree Ventures, they have won a host of awards, being listed as a Gartner Cool AI Vendor in Financial Services and Banking, as well as a Rising Star in the Deloitte Tech Fast 50 2018. Co-founder and CEO Natalie Nguyen was included in this year’s ‘Forbes Asia 30 Under 30’ for Enterprise Technology, and they count Westpac, Unileverand Microsoft as current customers.

What do they do?

Hyper Anna is on a mission to democratise data. Employees can interact with a virtual data analyst, Anna, and sit back as she does all the time-consuming and technical work of writing code, analysing data, producing charts and more importantly, providing insights.

In their words, “think Siri over the top of your organisation’s database that enables you to ask plain English questions about the key drivers of your business!”. Hyper Anna is helping employees from a wide range of sectors, including Insurance, FMCG, Retail and Banking.

Boost.aimaking customer interactions easy with conversational AI

Norway-based, 2016 founded, $4.7M raised , 80 employees

Where’s the good stuff?

This fast-growing Norwegian scaleup is backed by Nordic investors Alliance Venture. With over 100 live virtual agents automating more than 10 million interactions, Boost boasts more robo-advisors than any other company in the world. DNB, Norway’s largest bank, used Boost to automate 51% of their online chat traffic in just 6 months.

What do they do?

Boost has developed software for building, implementing and operating digital advisors, powered by conversational AI. Their easy-to-use admin panel allows any permissioned employee to design and tune conversation flows, master automated customer interaction and add advanced features and APIs without any technical personnel required.

With strong use cases in Finance, Insurance and Telco, Boost’s strength is in their speed — having pre-trained answers to as many as 2,500 questions, clients can begin automating customer conversations in as little as 4 weeks.

PolyAIfind your voice

UK-based, 2017 founded, $13.7M raised, 25 employees

Where’s the good stuff?

Backed in their Series A by a selection of top VCs: Passion Capital, Entrepreneur First, Amadeus Capital Partners and lead investors Point72 Ventures. The secret sauce in this startup are the founding trio, all PhD graduates from Cambridge who worked for Apple Siri, Facebook AI and Google (IPSoft) before founding PolyAI.

What do they do?

PolyAI has developed an industry agnostic platform for the creation of virtual AI agents. Their machine learning models are uniquely coupled with proprietary data collection to create high-quality data and more capable bots at a fraction of the cost of competitors. This also makes PolyAI’s agents much easier to maintain and scale to handle complex use cases in real-world applications.

Their virtual agents are created with the latest advances in cross-lingual deep learning, meaning they aren’t only brilliant at translating a whole host of languages, but can also learn across new ones at almost no extra cost.

Rasa — building the standard infrastructure for conversational AI

US-based, 2016 founded, $14.1M raised, 36 employees

Where’s the good stuff?

With backing from leading VC fund Accel, they raised their Series A in April this year. With over half a million downloads since launch, Rasa runs in production everywhere from startups to Fortune 500s, with existing customers including Orange, N26, Adobe and Lemonade.

What do they do?

Rasa removes the worry of vendor lock-in by creating open-source conversational AI software to help developers build, improve and deploy contextual chatbots and assistants. Their open-source community has over half a million downloads, with more than 300 contributors.

Their software is fully GDPR compliant, and can be run in private clouds or on-premise to maximise data privacy and security measures. Rasa’s open-source solution helps corporates update standard messaging chatbots into contextual assistants, taking their automated, end-to-end customer interactions to the next level.

Read their case studies here.