SwiftScale Selections is a monthly feature of 5 fast-growth, enterprise tech startups doing good stuff in a particular vertical.

In the last few months we’ve explored exciting LegalTechCyber SecurityWorkplace Wellness and Conversational AI startups. For our 8th edition we’re taking a look at EdTech.

The way that businesses educate and train their employees is changing, right the way from on-boarding new hires through to sales and management training. The use of mobile technology, AI and analytics are all contributing to greater efficiency and productivity in this key aspect of digital transformation. Here are some interesting startups that we see innovating in the educational technology space.

Teach on Mars — make every moment a learning moment

France-based, 2013 founded, €10M raised, 52 employees

Where’s the good stuff?

They were included in last year’s Learning & Performance Institute ‘Top 15 Learning Technologies’ list and have received financial backing from Omnes Capital. They currently work with leading companies, including L’OrealOrangeAllianzTotal, and BNP Paribas.

What do they do?

Teach on Mars offers a 100% mobile-native, white-labelled, omni-channel learning eco-system that sets new standards for user experience and functionality in 20 languages across more than 60 countries worldwide.

Designed and built from day one to look, feel and play like the very best mobile apps, their simple, elegant and smart learning experience slots straight into the modern user’s connected, mobile lifestyle. More than 100 multinationals use Teach On Mars to increase engagement and reduce time to competency for over 1,000,000 learners.

Userlane — helping people understand any software, instantly

Germany-based, 2015 founded, €4M raised, 40 employees

Where’s the good stuff?

Backed by leading Nordic investors, Capnamic Ventures, Userlane count BMWCommerzbankSAPDB Bahn and Deutsche Telekom Systems as existing customers. They were selected onto Microsoft’s ScaleUp program as one of their Top 10 European Startups providing disruptive technologies and AI solutions tackling complex digital enterprise challenges.

What do they do?

Userlane simplifies employee training and on-boarding by building step-by-step interactive software walkthroughs and on-screen tutorials in minutes, without any coding.

Bringing employees up to speed on tools and software, fast, helps drive digital transformation by increasing software adoption rate and improving resilience to change. To date, Userlane has trained over 8 million people with their technology and can lower staff training costs by up to 90%.

Chatterbox — master a language, change a life

UK-based, 2016 founded, <£1M raised, 40 employees

Where’s the good stuff?

Chatterbox has won a host of awards, including the Varkey Foundation’s ‘Next Billion in EdTech’ and the founders have been equally successful themselves: CEO, Mursal, is listed as an MIT Innovator Under 35 and an FT Top 100 Leader in Tech, and COO, Guillemette, was recently named by the EYIF as one of the Top 30 Women Entrepreneurs in Lisbon.

What do they do?

Chatterbox’s AI-powered learning platform matches employees in need of language training with refugees able to teach them. It’s the only language solution that equips your workforce with the languages of the future whilst advancing CSR initiatives.

With courses available in 12 languages, their cutting edge methodology is endorsed by high ranking educational institutions and delivers industry-leading completion rates.

Volley — knowledge, faster.

US-based, 2015 founded, $7.3M raised , 16 employees

Where’s the good stuff?

Last funded in 2018 by Corporate Partner JP Morgan Chase, with additional finance through angel investment from Apple and Dropbox executives and backing from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. They boast of annual savings of $20m amongst their enterprise clients, who include KPMGJP Morganand Goldman Sachs.

What do they do?

Volley uses AI to automatically generate and recommend learning and research unique to your enterprise.

Volley’s knowledge engine cuts the cost of creating, organising, and delivering key knowledge by up to 50%. Their engine is able to ingest a company’s legacy collateral and create unique learning material in a multitude of areas, such as compliance and cyber security. Volley’s AI and NLP capabilities are also helping to augment people’s ability to learn by identifying their knowledge gaps and creating personalised content to fill them.

Avanoo — leading with culture

US-based, 2013 founded, $7.9M raised, 70 employees

Where’s the good stuff?

They closed their Series A in December 2018, raising $5m from Access Venture Partners and Storm Ventures, valuing the company at ~$40m. Avanoo is trusted by leading companies such as CiscoToyota, KPMG, eBayand Citi Bank.

What do they do?

Avanoo uses storytelling, machine learning and predictive analytics to help enterprises share employee stories that reinforce the best in their culture. The company also inspires employees to act on those stories in ways that drive improved culture and bottom line impact.

After working with Amsted Rail on content to help their employees understand their culture of innovation, Amsted’s HR Director said that the “results of Avanoo’s work with Amsted Rail include many millions of dollars in savings and millions of dollars more in new product and process innovations.”