SwiftScale Selections is a monthly feature of 5 fast-growth, EnterpriseTech startups doing good stuff in a particular vertical.

In the last few months we’ve explored exciting Workplace WellnessConversational AI, and EdTech startups. For August, we’re taking a look at DevOps.

The DevOps model is continually being adopted by large enterprise as they look to enhance their ability to deliver updated or new applications at speed and scale to their customers. The basic principle is the combination of the development team and the operations team, allowing engineers to work across the whole development lifecycle of a new app, from development and testing through to deployment. This model, combined with an array of innovative tools and platforms, is helping to drive the delivery of new applications at velocities that would previously have been slow, expensive and required much larger teams.

Here’s a look at some innovative DevOps tools that we’re getting excited about:

Spot QA — Welcome to the Age of Intelligent Quality Assistance

UK-based, 2016 founded, £5.3M raised, 11-50 employees

Where’s the good stuff?

They recently raised a further $3.25M of Seed funding, led by existing investor Crane Venture Partners, with participation from Acequia Capital, Downing Ventures, and Forward Ventures. Spot QA’s virtuoso platform tests up to 20x faster than Selenium frameworks, and is being used by leading global organisations, including Royal Mail, the NHS, and Experian.

What do they do?

SpotQA created Virtuoso to make automated application testing intelligent, fast and accessible to anyone. Virtuoso is a revolutionary Quality Assistance Platform designed to assist software delivery teams at every stage in the development process. Virtuoso’s codeless interface enables even non-technical users to automate testing and ensure quality at scale.

Virtuoso uses Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation bots to explore and interact with applications like a real user. The platform captures and catalogues every last element of application functionality – mapping execution paths and identifying failures, unexpected behaviour and poor response times quickly and easily.

Watch more here.

PlutoraDeliver Better Software, Faster

US-based, 2012 founded, $9.8M raised, 51-100 employees

Where’s the good stuff?

Backed by Macquarie Capital, they have been included in the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies list for the past 2 years, and were listed in the top 10 fastest-growing private companies in Silicon Valley in 2018. They count the likes of Barclays, Pepsico, Verizon, and Westpac as current customers.

What do they do?

Plutora is the most complete value stream management platform, improving the speed and quality of complex application delivery, and providing complete visibility of the entire process across the enterprise portfolio.

Their platform transform release processes by correlating data from existing toolchains and automating manual processes to provide a single view of releases and associated metrics. Plutora benefits organisations by providing predictability in the software release process, improving the speed and frequency of releases, and by better aligning IT software development and business strategy.


Alcide – Fast Kubernetes Pipeline. Secured!

Israel-based, 2016 founded, $12.3M raised, 11-50 employees

Where’s the good stuff?

They were named ‘Breakout’ technology for Cloud Security in the 2019 InfoSec Awards at RSA and were finalists in the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2018. They were backed in their Seed stage by Intel Capital, and raised $7M of Series A funding towards the end of 2018.

What do they do?

Alcide is a Kubernetes network security leader empowering DevOps and security teams to continuously secure their growing multi-cluster Kubernetes deployments.

Alcide code-to-production native security platform is made for anything and everything Kubernetes: configuration risks, network security events, and a single policy framework to enforce. All this is done from the CI/CD pipeline to provide an automated and seamless experience. Companies use Alcide to scale their Kubernetes deployments without compromising on security. This enables the smooth operation of business apps while protecting cloud deployments from malicious attacks.


Weaveworks — Automate Enterprise Kubernetes the GitOps way

UK-based, 2014 founded, $20M raised, 11-50 employees

Where’s the good stuff?

Named as one of the 10 British startups to look out for in 2016, Weaveworks are backed by a trio of leading investors: Redline Capital, Google Ventures, and Accel. Weaveworks are a founding member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and include the likes of Qordoba, Soho House, and IBM as clients.

What do they do?

Weaveworks makes it fast and simple for developers and DevOps teams to build and operate powerful containerized applications. The Weave Cloud operations-as-a-service platform provides a continuous delivery pipeline for building and operating applications, letting teams connect, monitor and manage microservices and containers on any server or public cloud.

As an example, through gaining full observability in their deployment system, Soho House confidently runs production grade Kubernetes at scale and has cut operations time for developers by up to 75%.

Watch more here.

HumioThe Purpose-built Log Management Platform

UK-based, 2016 founded, $11.8M raised, 11-50 employees

Where’s the good stuff?

They closed their Series A in January of this year, raising $9M led by Accel, taking their total funding to date to $11.8M. In their relatively short life-span, they have closed leading enterprise clients, such as Bloomberg, OnTheDot, and Microsoft.

What do they do?

Humio is the only solution enabling real-time observability through fast, scalable and efficient log data management. Deployable on any infrastructure including both in the Cloud and On-Premises, Humio enables data aggregation, exploration, reporting and analysis from a range of sources ingesting massive volumes of log data instantly.

Humio’s innovative data storage and in-memory search/query engine technologies provide customers a cost-competitive log management and analysis solution, all while requiring significantly less hardware and engineering resources.