All Hands on Scaleup Decks

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At swiftscale, we support and connect leading organisations and investors with exceptional enterprise technology scaleups to enhance their business or portfolio.

We have developed a comprehensive and highly tailored partnership offering to address our clients’ current and future strategic objectives. Across a series of articles, we’re pulling back the curtain on our process and exploring what it means to be our partner.

Partner portal

We are back this month with a new article this time looking at our dedicated partner portal: a simple all-in-one communal workspace providing a live and shared view of all of swiftscale’s interactions with partners.

A productivity platform

Our portal was developed to provide a personalised experience and guarantee a transparent and fruitful relationship with our partners. With that in mind, it was essential for us to find an application offering highly customisable features to enhance collaboration and productivity.

We chose Notion – a no-code online workplace platform which enables us to build collaborative tools using components such as notes, databases, kanban boards, wikis and calendars amongst other things. This way, we were able to easily create a dedicated system for knowledge, data and project management for both ourselves and our partners, and all the work we do together.

Our features

We created easily accessible features for our partners to view and contribute to so as to facilitate communication and insights in real time.

An example of our partner portal homepage

The portal, as illustrated above, consists of a menu from which partners can gain access to all necessary information pertaining to the partnership. On the left-hand side, you’ll find two sections related to swiftscale and our partner. Here, we keep all necessary information to be informed of our partner’s key priorities, strategy, scouting criteria, and more, in order to understand the whole organisation and inform the team of the tech we should be keeping an eye out for.

The right-hand side of the page refers to the partnership itself, which we will describe more thoroughly now:

Ongoing Tasks – this is a place for us to keep track of the status of our assignments for our partners across current deliverables such as reports, scouts, immersion sessions, meetings, press releases and introductions to be made.

Deliverables – this section offers a clear overview of all the deliverables that have been agreed on as part of our relationship to keep an account of the progress of our engagement and ensure that all requirements are met.

Marketing – this page covers all marketing-related information, including joint press and branding guidelines.

Process, Timelines & Events – our partners can find here a high-level outline of all our processes, annual swiftscale events, partner events and other details to keep them informed on current swiftscale showcases that could be of interest to them.

Shared Collateral – this is a collective place for all collateral and information pieces, e.g. reports, that have been prepared and shared between us and our partners.

Reports & Sessions: Startup Intro Tracking – this section is particularly important as it allows us to stay updated on our partners’ progress with the scaleups after introductions have been made. It also includes overviews of all partner attendees’ feedback from our pitching sessions to facilitate future introductions to key internal stakeholders.

Using a kanban board, each scaleup has its own dedicated card that our partners can (i) click on to display more information and (ii) drag along to indicate if they’d like to be introduced or more broadly the current status of their interactions.

An example of our startup introduction tracking feature

Interesting Scaleups for Partner to Review – we frequently come across scaleups that could be relevant for our partners. We provide short profiles of the companies that we have highlighted as applicable opportunities for collaboration or investment.

Similarly to the tracking section, partners can click into each of the cards for more details on the suggested companies and leave comments for our scouting team to review.

An example of our scout suggestion feature

With little to no coding input, we have developed and tailored essential tools in forming and maintaining close ties with our partners by enabling us to incorporate all aspects of our partnership into a single interactive platform.

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