Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Selections: Blockchain for Sustainability

Blockchain was initially created by Satoshi Nakomoto for Bitcoin to solve the double-spend problem that was previously inherent with digital currencies. Since then, blockchain has gone through peaks and troughs of interest within the general

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Executive Session

Future Leaders of Internal Operations

Our latest session brought together a select group of senior technology executives from companies including Anglo American, BT, Centrica, CCEP, Dubai Holding, Fidelity International, GTR, Macquarie, MoD, Motor Oil, Reed Exhibitions, Smart Dubai & TMF Group and 5 fast-growth category leaders shaping the future of IT Operations.

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HR & Operations

Selections: Low Code Development Platforms

In the world of innovation, venture capital, and SaaS startups, Low Code Development Platforms (LCDPs) & No-Code Development Platforms (NDCPs) have developed a certain level of “hype” around them. Whether this hype is deserved or

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Data & Business Intelligence

Selections: Adversarial Training

Adversarial training is a tactic used by data scientists to improve machine learning models. This method is done by methodically attacking the machine learning models by inputting information into the AI with the intent to

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