Selections #18 – C2FO, Qlearsite, Signal, Unmind

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C2FO – Turn receivables into cash flow and payables into income

US-based, 2008 founded, $397.7m raised, 300-400 employees, working with Amazon, Exxon, Siemens

How are they helping with Covid-19?

C2FO are helping large organisations extend a lifeline to their suppliers, letting suppliers take control of their cash flow whilst organisations improve their supply chain health and bottom line. They recently helped Morrisons become the first major supermarket in the UK to follow government measures to support small firms and the UK economy, paying all suppliers with a turnover of up to £1m immediately to ease their burden.

What do they do?

C2FO is the first working capital market in the world. Their ability to create a seamless match between ‘Accounts Receivable’ and ‘Accounts Payable’ has enabled efficiency in the riskless provisioning of working capital between suppliers and buyers. With C2FO, suppliers can take control of their cash flow; buyers can increase EBITDA and gross margin and earn a better return on short-term cash, which improves the financial health of their supply chains.

Wholesale retailer Costco use C2FO to improve their vendor relationships, reduce cost and risk throughout the supply chain, and increase returns on short-term cash. To date, the results have far exceeded expectations. Cumulative annual growth is over 180%. On average, Costco vendors using C2FO are receiving cash 22 days early, and Costco is earning a return 500 basis points higher than yields achieved by the Treasury team previously—with no incremental risk.

What’s the good stuff?

They raised their last funding round back in Q3 of last year, a Series G led by Softbank with participation from Union Square Ventures and Temasek Holdings. C2FO are working with over 300,000 businesses across more than 170 countries.

Qlearsite – Map a better future for your organisation

UK-based, 2014 founded, $8.6m raised, 25-50 employees, working with Capgemini, E.On, John Lewis

How are they helping with COVID-19?

Many companies will need to rapidly change their working practices and adapt to new, challenging circumstances. To make sure people are ready, Qlearsite have launched a free ‘Organisational Readiness’ survey, designed to understand if employees are feeling informed, cared for and enabled to work. The survey can be shared over a number of channels (intranet, slack, whatsapp), and results are shared back within 1 working day.

What do they do?

Using pioneering AI and natural language processing techniques, Qlearsite equips business leaders with essential insights to support the planning and execution of workforce strategy. Qlearsite’s web-based analytics platform sits alongside existing systems, processing workforce data at enterprise scale, extracting key themes and sentiment that would otherwise be overlooked by existing HR tools.

By combining behavioural, demographic and performance data, Qlearsite delivers significant financial and cultural benefits associated with improved engagement, reduced absenteeism, lower levels of attrition and much better targeting of talent.

What’s the good stuff?

Recently listed in Prolific London’s top 10 most valuable recruitment startups, they raised a $7.7m Series A from Summa Digital back in Q2 2017. In 2018, Qlearsite were selected as Gartner Cool Vendor for the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning Technology in Human Capital Management (HCM) processes.

Signal AI – Stay ahead with AI powered media intelligence

UK-based, 2013 founded, $64.5m raised, 100-150 employees, working with Allen & Overy, EY, Unilever

How are they helping with COVID-19?

Signal have just announced the release of an AI-powered tool to help their clients and businesses more broadly stay on top of the rapidly changing landscape. The daily briefings use their AIQ engine to digest all of the news related to COVID-19, published within the last 24hrs for a selected industry. It then selects up to 10 of the most impactful stories and delivers them directly to your inbox at 11 AM GMT/7 AM EDT, ensuring you stay up to date with the latest news and can react accordingly. Sign up here.

What do they do?

Signal AI takes the world’s data and turns it into actionable insights so business leaders make the best possible decisions – from competitors, to regulation, to their own reputation – with certainty and clarity. Signal is a new breed of an AI-powered platform that aggregates, analyses and makes sense of the world’s data – across news, broadcast and regulatory sources – transforming them into actionable insights and empowering business leaders to make better decisions.

Their adaptive AI can extract context and meaning from 1,000,000 sources across the globe to give businesses the information they need to know and the information they didn’t know they needed.

What’s the good stuff?

They recently raised a $25m Series C round led by Redline Capital (backers of startups such as iwoca, Fungible & Sambanova Systems). Working with over 300 clients across the globe, Signal were winners of the first Fujitsu AI Pioneer Award back in 2018.

Unmind – Mental wellbeing. Done well. 

UK-based, 2016 founded, $16.0m raised, 50-100 employees, working with British Land, Centrica, William Hill

How are they helping with COVID-19?

In a time where people are likely facing a huge amount of stress and uncertainty, it’s important for employees to take a proactive approach to staying on top of mental health and for employers to have insights into the wellbeing of the workers. Unmind’s platform allows both to do just this, and they’re offering the service for free to anyone who works for the NHS.

What do they do?

Unmind is a workplace mental health platform providing content created by the world’s top clinicians, authors, and academics; combining the latest research from positive psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, neuroscience, and mindfulness.

Access is on-demand, and it’s 100% anonymous and confidential. Their gold-standard approach currently has a 100% renewal rate and 89% of employees report higher confidence, awareness and understanding of mental health after using the platform. From sleep and coping, through to parenting and supporting others, Unmind provide tools and training across the entire spectrum of mental health.

What’s the good stuff?

They just raised a $10m Series A, led by Project A Ventures with participation from existing investors Felix Capital. With over 350,000 people having access to their services, Unmind are already supporting employees in more than 50 countries.

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