Selections #30 – Carto, Sight Machine, Vesta Smart Packaging, Virtual Stock

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CARTO – Unlock the power of spatial analysis

USA-based, 2012 founded, $31.0m raised, 100 – 250 employees, working with Jefferies Group, MasterCard, Vodafone

Where’s the good stuff?

They recently announced a strategic partnership with Google, enabling connection of Google BigQuery data onto CARTO. Named as a Cool Vendor by Gartner in 2017, they followed that up this year gaining the title of Winter Leader by the same organisation. 

What do they do?

CARTO is developing technology that turns spatial data into actionable insights for enterprises. Using insights from CARTO’s data, developers, analysts, and data scientists can solve many spatial problems, from behavioural marketing, the ideal placement for a new store, optimisation of ATMs location, and much more. 

CARTO’s spatial data enables route optimisation for the delivery of products. They can identify road conditions, storage depot status, and driver and vehicle profile to reduce failed deliveries. Further, by using spatial data, CARTO’s clients can predict the demand of products through the use of new data streams that were previously unknown. 

Sight Machine – Making Manufacturing Stronger, Sustainable and Resilient

USA-based, 2011 founded, $80.4m raised, 50 – 100 employees, working with GE, Google, Sony

Where’s the good stuff?

Made it onto the 2019 and 2020 Global Cleantech 100, a list that indicates companies that are on the path to help solve the worlds most significant climate issues. Sight Machine held their Series C round in 2019, finishing with $29.4m with investment from Sony’s Innovation Fund, Tekfen Ventures, Mercury Fund, and others. 

What do they do?

Sight Machine is developing technology for the analytics of change in quality and efficiency in manufacturing enterprises. Their platform utilises artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics to create visualisations, giving anyone in the manufacturing process the ability to explore variances and correlations that help solve problems they are facing. 

Uniquely, Sight Machine uses digital twin technology to give deeper visibility of factory and machine performance. Digital Twins create an exact, virtual, replica of a physical thing. In the case of Sight Machine, they create operational digital twins of an entire manufacturing plant enabling their clients to gain sight on how to reduce downtime, improve plant productivity, and even see the full range of production use cases within their factory.  

Vesta Smart Packaging – Smart sustainable packaging solutions

UK-based, 2016 founded, Bootstrapped2 – 10 employees, working with undisclosed clients

Where’s the good stuff?

Attend Startup Boot Camp’s IoT accelerator in 2019. Were listed in The PackHub Trend Report for August, 2020,  which showcases the most advanced packaging products. They’ve launched their first paid trails in the UK, Norway, and Brazil. 

What do they do?

Vesta’s goal is to help everyone use less plastic. By using IoT technology in their smart containers, they know when a consumer’s product is running low and can automatically reorder its contents, allowing retailers to extend logistics intelligence into the customer’s home. Vesta also has a direct-to-consumer market where items that had previously been forgotten to be purchased while in the store are automatically sent to the individual. 

Along with its consumer application, Vesta also allows retailers to better monitor, manage and transport supplies of their products, giving a distributed view of the data and analytics of essential commodities and showing how much of each product is being used within each store. Vesta is a fully mobile solution allowing assets to be tracked across the supply chain.

Virtual Stock – Connect. Control. Compete

UK-based, 2004 founded, £7.9m raised, 50 – 100 employees, working with Aldi, Argos, Johnson & Johnson

Where’s the good stuff?

Working for free, they have assisted NHS Trusts in distributing 170,000 healthcare products from February to April to help in the pandemic. With no known previously funding at their inception, they raised £4.5m from Notion Captial in 2017 and a further £3.4m from an Enterprise Investment Scheme.   

What do they do?

Virtualstock’s cloud-based SaaS platform, The EDGE, provides a centralised place to efficiently exchange products, inventory and order data. Their product, in turn, enables growth and improves data quality. Within the retail sector, Virtualstock extends online range solutions through dropshipping. 

The EDGE is a complete dropship management platform, which includes a module for identifying new dropship suppliers and product, allowing selected suppliers to introduce their products onto E-commerce websites with ease. Through The EDGE, Virtual Stocks clients gain a real-time view of stock, order and delivery status across all channels. 

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