Selections #28 – Cervest, ChartHop, r4 Technologies, Smarp

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Cervest – Restoring our planet through informed decisions

UK-based, 2016 founded, £4.5m raised, 25 – 50 employees, working with Unknown

Where’s the good stuff?

Cervest closed their  €4.3m Pre-Series A round in November of last year, led by Future Positive Capital with help from Astanor Ventures. Building on this recent success, Google announced that Cervest will be joining their inaugural cohort of their Accelerator for startups addressing the U.N’s Sustainable Development Goals.  

What do they do?

Every major company is looking to make itself sustainable for a greener future. Cervest is helping them accomplish this, with a platform designed to bring change, restoration, and resilience to the planet’s climate, using Earth Science AI to allow enterprises and governments to adapt to the increasing volatility of climate change. 

Using machine learning, Cervest generates real-time signals to help decision-makers make more informed choices around their operations’ impact on climate change.  Leaders can create and measure sustainability goals, forecast how operational changes affect the climate, predict how climate change will change their company’s future, and give custom recommendations on how their operations can address and lower the impact of climate change. 

“Our goal is to empower everyone to make informed decisions that improve the long-term resilience of our planet. Today decision-makers are struggling with climate uncertainty and extreme events and how they are affecting their business operations, assets, investments, or policy choices.”

Iggy Bassi, Founder and CEO

ChartHop – Build a better company

US-based, 2018 founded, $5.0m raised, 10 – 25 employees, working with MasterClass, Rémy Cointreau, Sequoia

Where’s the good stuff?

Announced the close of their $5 million Seed Round in February of this year, led by Andreessen Horowitz with participation by Abstract Ventures, a16z Cultural Leadership Fund, Shrug Capital and others. CharHop has been SOC 2 certified by Schellman, which ensures a client’s sensitive data is kept safe and secure within their software. 

What do they do?

Strategic planning and organisation of a company’s workforce is vital to current and future success. A common problem for employees and leaders in large organisations is not being able to understand the structure of management in their own business. To amend this problem, ChartHop is creating software that enables organisations to map out and visualize the entirety of their corporate hierarchy. 

ChartHop seamlessly integrates and automatically pulls data out of HR software to create visuals, reports, or even an excel list showcasing exactly where each member of an organisation lies. Their software also incorporates the historic data of each employee, allowing decision-makers to see how different individuals, teams, departments, or even the whole organisation has changed and evolved over time. With this additional context, and many of ChartHops other features, leaders are better equipped to strategically plan for the future of their global organisations.  

r4 Technologies – The business of better

US-based, 2015 founded, $75.0m raised, 100 – 250 employees, working with US Security Associates, Undisclosed Big Box Retailer & Beverage Provider

Where’s the good stuff?

They’ve formed academic partnerships with two of the foremost universities in the world – Cornell and Oxford. The success of these partnerships is highlighted by r4 Technologies $20 million Series B round, raised in 2018 from by Pilot Growth Equity. With their strong growth, it’s no wonder they were named on Gartner’s Cool Vendors in AI list for 2019

What do they do?

Gathering enough data to make the best decision is often hard for companies with multiple divisions. This could be due to a lack of communication between teams or simply because organisations are not aware that they are missing a key data point. r4 Technologies’ software scans across the entirety of an enterprise to find growth opportunities that are trapped in data silos, systems or company processes. 

r4 brings enterprise-wide data points together through their product XEM. XEM ingests data in all forms (structured, unstructured, and external), compiling and visualising it to give decision-makers step-by-step insights to discover potential strategies their company could take. Post conclusion, XEM generates potential outcomes for each action drawn from the presented data. 

What makes r4 XEM so revolutionary for companies is its ability to quickly extract growth and profit hidden between functional silos, without changing legacy systems. These new capabilities enable C-Suite teams to rapidly leverage AI to make better decisions and take faster actions.

Paul Breitenbach Founder and CEO

Smarp – Reach and engage your entire workforce

US-based, 2011 founded, €9.9m raised, 50 – 100 employees, used by Amazon, DHL, KPMG

Where’s the good stuff?

They’ve been ranked as the number one app for employee communications on software review site G2. They now have four offices in as many countries, having recently moved their headquarters from Finland to Atlanta in the United States. Smarp currently has over 4 million employees using their services. 

What do they do?

Smarp is a mobile-first SaaS tool used to reach and engage workforces at scale. They help with all the internal communication for an organisation while spreading other content that contributes to marketing efforts, recruiting, and sales. 

One of the most important aspects of a leader is their ability to communicate, a common difficulty at large corporations. Through Smarp, decision-makers can communicate and align the entire company to the vision of the board, build relationships with employees by interacting with them on the app, gather feedback through polls, and measure how effective their communications are by knowing which messages had the most engagement. 

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