Selections #26 – CoachHub, Hive Learning, Infraspeak, The Org

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CoachHub – Rethink people development

Germany-based, 2018 founded, $21.7m raised, 101-250 employees, working with BNP Paribas, Generali, Pret A Manger

Where’s the good stuff?

With offices in 12 different countries, including HQs in Berlin and New York, they help 100+ corporate clients. Their growth is fuelled by a series of investments they received in 2019, raising a €6m Seed in August, followed by a €10m Series A in November and an extension of $4m in December.  They are backed by an array of leading early-stage investors, including Partech, Speedinvest, HV and RTP Global.

What do they do?

CoachHub are focused on helping companies transform their managers into highly effective, inspiring leaders with mobile-first software that offers holistic people development on a global scale.

Employees select their own dedicated coach, connecting through either an app or on desktop. They can then begin managing their focus areas, completing micro-learnings, setting goals and measuring their success. They claim an impressive 8x ROI (though no time frame is given), and gains in important metrics for HR teams, including employee productivity, engagement and retention.

All their coaches are certified by the world’s leading coaching associations, needing at least six years of prior professional coaching experience. Many have been leaders in various key industries, and a strict vetting criteria means only 5% of applications are selected to become CoachHub coaches.

Hive Learning – The peer learning platform

UK-based, 2013 founded, £3.5m raised, 51-100 employees, working with Barclays, Halma, Sky

Where’s the good stuff?

Founded by icon of leadership, Sir Clive Woodward, Hive Learning’s software has garnered 3 million+ interactions and has users in over 190 countries. They boast impressive client traction with 40+ top tier clients, and are backed by well-known venture builders, Blenheim Chalcot.

What do they do?

Hive Learning is a collaborative app for organisations, focused on making learning habitual through peer-to-peer mobile education that utilises AI to enhance the experience. 

Through the Hive app, customers’ employees can share and interact with one another’s learning accomplishments and even create their own educational content. Hive features an analytics dashboard to see what area’s employees are the most interested in, this data is also used by AI which pulls content from the web and creates a highly relevant feed of educational material. 

“ Jaguar Land Rover use the Hive app. We’ve just expanded it to around 5,000 line managers and we use that to encourage and foster collaboration with the cohorts to share their experiences to practice what they’ve learned in the workshop.”

Kirsty Pitcher, Global Talent & Executive Development Director, JLR (Hive Learning)

Infraspeak – Managers want it, technicians love it!

Portugal-based, 2015 founded, $5.4m raised, 51-100 employees, working with IHG, L’Oreal, Siemens

Where’s the good stuff?

They closed a €3.0m round in October of last year, funded by Indico Capital Partners. Infraspeak’s product is used by more than 200 corporations in 25,000+ buildings by 3,600 technicians, who’ve completed over 20 million tasks.

What do they do?

Infraspeak’s Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) automates, optimises and simplifies management processes for maintenance, cleaning and inspections of buildings. Powered by contactless Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, Infraspeak allows companies to gain greater visibility into their Facilities Management.

Infraspeak works by attaching an NFC tag to different equipment or locations that are frequently serviced. Through their white labelled app, a technician or facilities worker taps their phone onto the equipment or location being serviced, automatically pulling up data about the asset, automatic reports are then generated with input from the worker. All of this is sent back to the manager who is able to validate that their team member has been to the location, help prioritise where workers should go next, and even automate specific tasks to speciality workers.

The Org – Show off your team!

US-based, 2017 founded, $20.0m raised, 11-25 employees, used by Amazon, Disney, JP Morgan

Where’s the good stuff?

They’ve recently raised an $8.5m Series A, led by Founders Fund and with investment from notable investors Sequoia, Balderton and Abstract Ventures. They’ve now reached 140,000+ unique monthly web page visits and have registered 50,000+ companies. 

What do they do?

The Org breaks down the chain-of-command for companies. Starting from the CEO (if that’s everyone’s top spot of course), they graph out the decision-making hierarchy so that co-workers, potential employees, investors, recruiters, salespeople and any other interested parties can see anyone’s standing in a company. 

Currently, The Org takes a collaborative approach to identify the positions of different employees, relying on the current workers at each company creating an account with their work email and filling in the gaps that are currently on their organisation’s list. There aren’t any advertised use-cases on their website, but internal awareness of who experts might be, or showcasing prospective employees who they would work with are both examples of what it could be used for. But internally for HR teams, The Org would also help to effectively visualise the relationship web of an employee base, giving abilities to see, for example, if someone is managing too many people, or where there are clear skills gap in your org chart for targeted recruiting.

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