Selections #14: Concured, Critizr, OnePulse, Touchcast

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OnePulse – Question everything.

UK-based, 2013 founded, $4.7m raised, 11-50 employees, working with Aviva, Coca-Cola, Marks & Spencer,

Where’s the good stuff?

Backed by Foundation (Catalytic, Graphcore, Uber) and Beacon Capital (Topia), they raised their Seed round back in Q2 2017.

What do they do?

OnePulse enables companies to ask groups of highly targeted people up to three questions and get responses back instantly. It reinvents the way businesses learn from people, evolving surveys into conversations.

To users, OnePulse is a lifestyle app and destination for giving their opinions on news, products, interests, and hobbies for which they are subsequently rewarded by micro-payments and experience points. With OnePulse’s gamified features and lifestyle questions, the user base is highly engaged. This results in some of the fastest response rates and highest quality consumer insight in the industry.

Touchcast – Change the way the world works

US-based, 2012 founded, Unknown raised, 11-50 employees, working with BAE Systems, Deloitte, Unilever

Where’s the good stuff?

They were silver medallists for Media & Visual Communications at the Edison Awards 2016, the highest accolade a company can receive in the name of innovation and business success.

What do they do?

Touchcast are revolutionising how video is being used to connect, communicate and collaborate with a platform that lets anyone create visual experiences that are engaging to watch and impossible to forget.

Touchcast helps sales teams by enhancing their presentation abilities, letting people overlay their face on top of their screen so they never stop engaging their audience. And with AI-powered background removal, they can pitch from anywhere in the world, adding documents, websites, videos, polls and more into their presentation to engage the audience further and drive more positive calls to action.

Critizr – Empower people who deliver retail experiences every day

France-based, 2012 founded, €18.5m raised, 51-100 employees, working with Carrefour, Samsung, Societe Generale

Where’s the good stuff?

They raised a €15m Series B round led by 83North in Q4 of 2019. Other investors included Point Nine, Caphorn and Runa, and the funds are being used to expand their services throughout Europe.

What do they do?

Critizr are taking a different approach to customer feedback with a platform that empowers store and area managers to handle customers and their feedback on a store-by-store basis, more efficiently. The platform can collect customer feedback data from over a dozen channels (push and pull – app, email, message, tripadvisor, Google mybusiness etc.) bringing it all into a single interface for managers to process.

Store-by-store feedback allows for a much more in-depth, granular analysis of customer experience than more standard approaches which tend to aggregate it all together to create nice dashboards. Improving the speed and accuracy of re-engagement of those customers drives higher loyalty and conversion.

Concured – Create better content, faster!

UK-based, 2015 founded, $2.3m raised, 11-50 employees, working with BBC, Citi, Nationwide

Where’s the good stuff?

Concured have a host of interesting accolades behind them, being named a “Gartner Cool Vendor in Personalization” last year, and listed 69th in the Disrupt 100.

What do they do?

Concured is the world’s first AI-powered Content Strategy Platform that guides the ultimate content strategy to help maximise engagement and ROI.

Only 30% of content marketers feel they are being effective. Through a SaaS platform, Concured enables content marketers to Audit, Research, Plan, Distribute and track the Performance of content. Using a content suggestion tool, the platform also helps tell marketers what to write about to get the best results.

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