Selections #21 – Cutover, CybelAngel, Embold, Wire

Cutover – The work orchestration & observability platform

UK-based, 2013 founded, $19.6m raised, 50-100 employees, working with Barclays, Nationwide, Tesco Bank

Where’s the good stuff?

They raised a $17m Series A round led by Index in Q4 of last year, with participation from their existing investors. Cutover is used in over 14 major financial services organisations including three of the top four US investment banks, as well as major retail, professional services, insurance and consulting organisations. 

What do they do?

Cutover’s work orchestration and observability platform provides full organisational visibility into dynamic flows of work, bringing them out of the dark matter of the enterprise to enable teams to move quickly with confidence. Cutover eliminates outdated approaches like static-spreadsheets and weekend calls so teams can accomplish the work quickly and effectively—without the headache.

Cutover’s solution helps enterprises more effectively plan, orchestrate and audit the human and automated activities that drive critical events, such as technology releases, resilience testing, operational readiness and major incident recovery.

CybelAngel – Detecting leaks that others don’t

France-based, 2013 founded, $51.7m raised, 100-150 employees, working with AirFrance, Danone, Total

Where’s the good stuff?

They recently raised their Series B – a $36m round led by Prime Ventures with participation from existing investors, and a host of angel investors, including Datadog co-founders Olivier Pomel (CEO) and Alexis Le-Quoq (CTO). The money is being used for global expansion, with a focus on the UK and North America.

What do they do?

Companies will hope to never need them, but when data get’s leaked they will be glad they’re protected by them. Data breaches can occur from anywhere – crafty hackers finding security holes, tired employees accidentally emailing sensitive data around, and more increasingly through third-party suppliers. But they all have two things in common – they are incredibly costly in both money and reputation & they are preventable.

CybelAngel detects over one 1 billion documents per day, and uses artificial intelligence to assess the sensitivity of the information it finds. The company’s platform helps enterprises manage digital risk in real time by providing relevant, actionable information, enabling effective remediation and takedown.

Embold – Build high quality software

Germany-based, 2009 founded, $2.3m raised, 50-100 employees, working with Bofrost, Magna, Sanofi

Where’s the good stuff?

Backed by Capnamic at the Seed stage, Embold have spent a long time on R&D around their code review software. They only released the software 2 years ago, and already count various large enterprises as clients. They are led by CEO, Vishal Rai, who, before starting Embold, helped launch Infosys in Europe.

What do they do?

Embold is an intelligent software analytics platform changing the paradigm of software development empowering users to create great software products by keeping software clean, secure, and easy to maintain. Enterprises have a large portfolio of products and services, and as an effect, a lot of legacy software has developed over the years. Incorporating new products and driving innovation into legacy systems is progressively more challenging.

Embold helps you to gain full transparency on the software quality of your own legacy systems and suppliers within minutes on multiple key performance indicators. It can be integrated seamlessly into organisations’ CI/CD pipelines, making software quality a key component of their development cycle. Embold is helping business leaders to make informed decisions on their systems and drive their business in the right direction.

See more of their use cases here.

Wire – The most secure collaboration platform

Switzerland-based, 2012 founded, $8.2m raised, 50-100 employees, working with EY, Intel, SoftBank

Where’s the good stuff?

Co-founded by Janus Friis (co-founded Skype), they raised $8.2m from Morpheus capital in late 2019. With over 700 customers worldwide, Wire has been recognised by IDC, Forrester and Gartner as one of the most effective and secure communications platforms on the market today.

What do they do?

Wire offers the most comprehensive collaboration suite featuring messenger, voice, video, conference calls, file-sharing, and external collaboration – all protected by the most secure end-to-end-encryption. End-to-end encryption gives you the confidence to talk, message, and share across teams and with clients, through a single app that’s available on all of your devices. It can be deployed on-premise, or in a public or private cloud.

Wire is 100% open-source and independently audited, with an option to be tested against existing security and governance frameworks. Built to scale to tens of millions of users, Wire is ISO, CCPA, GDPR, and SOX-ready.

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