Selections #13: Cygnetise, Indico, Plum, Roadmap

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Plum – Human potential quantified like never before

Canada-based, 2012 founded, $6.1m raised, 101-150 employees, working with Deloitte, RSA, University of Waterloo

Where’s the good stuff?

They’ve recently raised a Seed round of $4.2m led by Real Ventures (backers in AngelList, Element AI). The funds will be used to expand the team and grow their partnership with SAP (SAP.iO also participated in the round) and strengthen their SuccessFactors integration.

What do they do?

In the words of their CEO, Caitlin MacGregor, “Plum’s mission is to prepare enterprises for the future of work by unlocking human potential”. Plum’s AI, the engine behind their job matching platform, is supercharged with decades of advanced Industrial/Organisational Psychology research, getting HR officers the rich and valid people data they need to make great talent decisions, at scale.

What’s great about Plum is the way they cover the entire employee lifecycle, with 4x more accurate hiring decisions as just the beginning. A great addition is their ’emerging leaders’ component, which allows managers to single out emerging leaders at all levels, even in entry-level roles, and build personalised development plans to accelerate the success of their leadership pipeline.

Roadmap – Maximise the value of your travel program

Netherlands-based, 2015 founded, €4.0m raised, 11-50 employees, working with KPMG, Nike, Pfizer

Where’s the good stuff?

They raised their last round back in Q2 2018, a €4m Series A led by Newion, with contributions from the Roadmap founding trio. Roadmap boast an impressive list of large enterprise clients in multiple industries, recently onboarding US insurance giants Anthem back in mid-2019.

What do they do?

Post-Brexit business travel is inevitably going to be a bit more complex, and Roadmap are well positioned to help. Their software aggregates and consolidates an organisation’s travel systems and tools into one corporate branded application, minimising manual steps in completing a business trip. Roadmap also aims to provide a more unique dataset on business travellers (roadwarriors, as they call them), helping employers measure and analyse travel processes to make them more efficient.

From flight details, airport navigation tips, transport to and from hotels, safety information, all the way to expensing food, Roadmap helps focus employees on the important things whilst flying the company flag abroad.

Cygnetise – A better way to manage your authorised signatory lists

UK-based, 2016 founded, £1.0m raised, 11-50 employees, working with BNY Mellon, EFG, PwC

Where’s the good stuff?

They were selected to participate in Plug&Play ADGM’s second Fintech Acceleration Program in Abu Dhabi, a 3-month long programme where startups get to work alongside leading finance companies in the region and explore possible PoCs.

What do they do?

Updating and sending Authorised Signatory Lists (ASLs) is still an incredibly intensive, manual, and often paper-based process for large multinationals. This can have more serious consequences for suppliers and customers, who need this information in real-time to know that invoices and payments are being authorised by the right people.

This can be made far easier with Cygnetise – what used to take hours, will only takes minutes. Their digital platform helps organisations maintain and distribute their ASL in a more secure, efficient and auditable manner. Utilising blockchain technology, the platform alleviates the pain associated with managing ASLs through its intuitive peer to peer network.

Indico – Intelligent Process Automation for unstructured content

US-based, 2013 founded, $8.3m raised, 11-50 employees, working with Accenture, ExxonMobil, Walmart

Where’s the good stuff?

Techstars alumni (Boston, 2014) , they raised a $4m Seed round back in 2018, led by Osage Venture Partners with participation from existing investors, including Boston-based .406 Ventures. With a strategic partnership with UiPath, Indico have a great list of enterprise clients in a wide-span of industries, including automotive, film, software and communications.

What do they do?

Major enterprises have enthusiastically embraced the automation “imperative,” but to date most solutions only focus on structured data. However, by some estimates unstructured data – text, documents, emails, images, etc – make up as much as 80% of the content within the enterprise. This content is often the bedrock of critical business processes.  

Indico’s unique and powerful technology innovation is the perfect answer to this problem. Our customers capture huge improvements quickly and easily, enabling them to turn process into profit. Their website hails an 85% reduction in process time for new initiatives, a 4x increase in process capacity, and an 80% reduction in resources required for repetitive, low-value tasks.

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