Driving Diversity – Why the 50-50 gender split in panelists means so much for DX Week.

Diversity DX Week

Last week, we introduced the first of our three-part interview (see here) with TDK Ventures President, Nicolas Sauvage, focusing on the question of why they were running an event on DX in the first place.

In Part 2, we’re bringing an exciting, special announcement that DX Week’s panelists will have a perfect 50-50 gender split, and we wanted to highlight why that, along with a number of other measures, is so important to the success of not only this event, but of the whole pursuit of DX over the coming decade.

DX Week Part 2: Diversity

It’s clear from my discussion with Nicolas that there is one thing DX Week focuses on above and beyond anything – Diversity. You only have to ask him why they are doing the event, and it’s already evident.

“The idea of DX Week is to bring people from very diverse points of view, sharing views that are new, in the hope that a lot of ideas will come from that.”

Look right back to the start of our first interview with Nicolas, and you’ll see his belief that for Digital Transformation to succeed, we need diversity of thought and diversity of topic. That’s why the 5 discussions they have chosen are so important, not as standalone topics, but together to contribute to the next revolution of technology.

And with such important discussions comes an incredible array of panelists. TDK Ventures have really pushed to have as many different perspectives as possible, from the founder and investor side, but also from the corporate and academia side. Without that diversity of perspective, the discussions would not be complete, there would not be as much goodness from the event as there could be.

And that brings us to the diversity in the panelists themselves – both from a geographical perspective and gender perspective. It’s fantastic to see the array of backgrounds, and a brilliant reminder to the importance that diversity will play in this decade we’ve entered that could change everything.

More on the panelists:

“We’ve invited people who come from very different backgrounds: entrepreneurs and startups, academia, investors, industry leaders. Each session has great diversity of thoughts, and actually, we have a 50-50 gender split across the panelists, and that’s just one of the many measures we’ve looked at to make this as diverse an event as possible.”

“We also have fantastic geographical representation, with speakers from Asia, Europe, the Americas. But there’s also of course a focus on bringing together leaders to discuss these big topics, so around half the panelists are CEOs or Founders, we have the former Chair of the FCC, for Metaverse for example we have Tae Ashida, who’s been working with the royal family of Japan, and has been experimenting with VR in a way that’s really novel in fashion retail. And this means lots of different angles of discussion, which is something we have really strived for to make DX Week a more unique conference.”

Taking place over the week of April 18th to April 22nd, TDK Ventures’ DX Week will explore 5 major topics contributing to the great decade of Digital Transformation (DX) we have entered: Metaverse, Connectivity, Edge Computing, Industry 5.0, and the Future of Mobility.

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