Executive Forum – Autumn 2019

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The UK continues to be a critical hub for scaling tech businesses. With the support of Barclays and Macquarie Group, swiftscale provides high-growth companies with expedited access to this market and unprecedented opportunities for scale.

Adepto provides organisations with a single view and access to all the talent available to them – internal and external; past, present and future.

C2FO lets vendors take control of their cash flow while their customers improve their bottom line and supply chain health. It generates millions in new EBITDA, reduces risk and is endorsed by UK Government.

Contiamo radically accelerates data access, enabling lightning-fast data delivery and simple, compliant data discovery.

CybSafe is a cyber security and data analytics software company that is laser-focused on the human aspect of cyber security – awareness, behaviour and culture.

Hubtype enables companies to go beyond chatbots and build conversational experiences that enable natural interactions with their customers at scale.

Humio’s next-generation log analysis platform provides real-time, instant monitoring, analysis and visibility of log data, enabling users to understand and troubleshoot anything from performance concerns to security threats.

Preservica offer secure digital preservation and electronic archive software solutions to keep documents safe, accessible and future-proof.

Quantexa enables organisations to make accurate, automated, context-driven decisions by generating single customer views and relationship links in their Big Data.

Synerise’s end-to-end suite of services and tools helps any consumer-facing company to improve customer acquisition, retention, revenue growth and cost optimisation.

Userlane’s intuitive, interactive tutorials help employees and customers to understand and operate any software application without any formal training.

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