Executive Forum – Spring 2019

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The UK continues to be a critical hub for scaling tech businesses. With the support of Barclays and Macquarie Group, swiftscale provides high-growth companies with expedited access to this market and unprecedented opportunities for scale.

Catalytic’s user-friendly automation platform orchestrates and manages work processes involving RPA, people and systems

Immersive Labs is the world’s first fully interactive, on-demand and gamified cyber skills development platform

Neyber is an award-winning financial provider helping people look after their money, and employers look after their people

Remesh’s agile research platform enables companies to quickly engage with a live audience and ask open-ended questions, at scale

SpotQA created Virtuoso to make automated application testing intelligent, fast and accessible to anyone

Teach on Mars’ mobile-led learning software puts a smart, social learning assistant in every user’s pocket

Tilkee enables organisations to track all sent documentation and view real-time insights on every recipient’s reading behaviour

Unmind is a workplace mental wellbeing platform creating healthier, happier, more human organisations

XM Cyber continually and automatically simulates cyber attacks, enabling companies to identify and remediate hidden security issues

YellowDog provides on-demand access to virtually unlimited computer power, without any extra hardware investment

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