Future Leaders – Customer Engagement

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swiftscale organises tailored, vertical-specific ‘sessions’ designed to help large corporates discover and collaborate with relevant startup technology.

Our latest session brought together a select group of senior executives from companies including AA, British Gas, Burberry, Costa Coffee, Ergo, Global, GTR, NHS, Ocado, & Walgreens Boots and 5 fast-growth category leaders shaping the future of Customer Engagement.

24sessions’ scheduling, video calling experiences and analytics solution delivers frictionless customer journeys for personal contact.

Attest’s global survey platform enables people who aren’t research experts to get the consumer insights they need to make informed decisions, fast.

PolyAI creates truly conversational voice assistants to automate customer service calls and engage customers across any channel and any language.

Synerise’s end-to-end suite of services & tools helps any consumer-facing company to improve customer acquisition, retention, revenue growth & cost optimisation.

UserTribe empowers a new way of bringing products & services to market where customers are integrated into decision-making across the product/service life-cycle.

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