Govia Thameslink Railway partners with swiftscale to collaborate on supply chain innovation

Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) joins swiftscale to access their global scaleup ecosystem and discover innovative technology products and services that can meet their business challenges and opportunities.

As part of swiftscale’s corporate partner network, GTR joins other leading organisations, including Coca-Cola European Partners, the Ministry of Defence, Macquarie Group and NatWest Group, advancing themselves through scaleup collaboration.

The partnership with swiftscale is focused on increased innovation in GTR’s procurement activities, as well as bolstering collaboration with organisations across the rail sector following a period of significant impact due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The partnership comes at an optimal time for GTR as the pandemic continues to affect demand for rail services and will enable the continued development of both technologies and data across the operator’s extensive supply chain, helping to advance the wider rail sector and improve customer experience.

“Rightly or wrongly, rail has previously had a reputation for being largely stuck in their ways. That’s why I’m particularly pleased to see GTR challenging the status quo. By proactively shaking up their supplier base and seeking out innovative startup solutions and services, GTR is a catalyst for positive change across their industry”

Alexander Sainty, Co-Founder and CEO of swiftscale

GTR will benefit from access to swiftscale’s vast network of fast growth startups from the UK and globally. By assessing GTR’s strategic needs, technology capabilities and current challenges, swiftscale will deliver a targeted and refined selection of companies in some of the most interesting areas of enterprise technology advancement, including cybersecurity, data analytics, procurement and supply chain management. By focusing on emerging technology, the startups can help to ensure that rail travel remains at the core of the future of modern mobility.

We’re pleased to kick off this exciting new collaboration with swiftscale to become their corporate partner for rail. The opportunity to stimulate positive change in our extensive supply chain will be an essential driver for efficiencies in the future. Their global network of companies will act as a stimulant for positive change across our business. A continual push for innovation in procurement improves the operations of our business and as a result delivers a better experience for our customers.”

David Gornall, Commercial Director, GTR


swiftscale’s unique model for startup <> corporate collaboration enables senior executives to easily plug into the startup ecosystem and stay up to date with relevant, enterprise-ready innovation. We maintain a unique database of over 650 globally sourced, heavily vetted scaleups (fast-growth startups) and specialise in constructive innovation; emerging technologies that can protect a large enterprise, improve its processes and productivity or enhance its products or services.

The company’s network of business leaders includes CEOs and other c-suite from some of the world’s largest companies, including over 40% of the FTSE100. Examples of scaleups it has supported include Tessian, a tool to prevent staff from being caught out by phishing emails and identified as a ‘future unicorn’, C2FO, a company that has raised almost $400million and the creator of the first market for working capital, and Peak AI, awarded ‘Rising Star Partner of the Year 2019’ by AWS.

Govia Thameslink Railway

Govia Thameslink Railway is the UK’s largest train operating company, delivering more than 1 million passenger journeys daily pre-Covid-19. The operator runs four brands across London and the South East: Thameslink, Southern, Great Northern and Gatwick Express. Running more than 3,600 trains daily creates an extensive operational challenge that is supported by an ecosystem of key partners and an extensive supply chain.

GTR have a track record of supporting startups and encouraging innovation throughout the supply chain. GTR was the key rail partner for the Billion Journey Project – a multimodal innovation accelerator in partnership with Go-Ahead Group – and has been supportive of several companies through First of a Kind Innovate UK programmes.

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swiftscale - taking companies further, faster.

swiftscale - taking companies further, faster.

We help business leaders to easily plug into the scaleup ecosystem and stay up to date with relevant innovation that could positively impact their people and processes.