How to Make Founder Friends and Influence Startups

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At swiftscale, we support and connect leading organisations and investors with exceptional enterprise technology scaleups to enhance their business or portfolio.

We have developed a comprehensive and highly tailored partnership offering to address our clients’ current and future strategic objectives. Across a series of articles, we’re pulling back the curtain on our process and exploring what it means to be our partner.


This month, we highlight the importance of co-branding and the benefits our partners derive from doing it across all swiftscale events and collaterals.

What is it?

Co-branding is a marketing and communication strategy which uses multiple brand names on a particular product or content as part of a strategic partnership. This can relate to several types of collaborations, e.g. event, product placement… in which each brand contributes their own identity and combine their market strength, awareness, positive associations and reputation to expand their reach.

Our offering

With increasing competition, societal and consumer awareness, it is critical today for an organisation to represent their brand properly and shape the way their employees, partners, peers and audience remember them over time. Let’s take a look at some statistics:

  • 45% of a brand’s image can be attributed to what it says and how it says it
  • With brand consistency, companies are 3 to 4 times more likely to experience brand visibility

In light of this, we at swiftscale always seek to leverage our value proposition and positioning within the ecosystem to advance our partners’ brand in the context of tech innovation. Simultaneously, this also enables us to synergise on each other’s strengths to create added value to our partnership as a whole.

We therefore developed a personalised physical and digital offering across both the events that we organise for our partners and the various collaterals that we promote throughout the partnership. Following are some examples: curated pitching events, joint press releases, newsletter, series of articles to publicise successes achieved, and more generally joint marketing efforts to exemplify best practice within the partner’s industry to access innovation.

Examples from our co-branding digital offering

The benefits of co-branding with swiftscale

Building on this marketing strategy of brand partnership, our partners are given a significant edge and comparative advantage as they are further able to:

Drive brand awareness – we help create consistent brand awareness and exposure to keep our partner’s brand top-of-mind with their current as well as broader audiences, thus building their brand equity and increasing customer loyalty.

Gain recognition our partners cement their reputation as innovators and are recognised as industry thought-leaders and scaleup champion. They strengthen their image as active enablers / originators / supporters of future category leaders.

Build relationships the brand association between swiftscale and our partners gives them an opportunity to be introduced to and forge relationships with a high-value network across the corporate / investor / scaleup ecosystems.

Create brand differentiation – our co-branding offering enables our partners to make their organisation and concurrently their product or services more resistant to being imitated by other brands.

Save resources – we offer a cost-effective solution to our partners allowing them to save time, money and other valuable resources on their marketing effort.

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