NatWest Group and swiftscale join forces

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As swiftscale’s newest partner, NatWest Group joins a small but fast-growing network of complementary companies, including Coca-Cola European Partners and Macquarie Group, driving positive business change through scaleup collaboration.

The partnership will extend NatWest Group’s reach into the global scaleup ecosystem. It will enable swiftscale to deliver increased value to their scaleups by facilitating qualified and vetted introductions into the senior leadership of NatWest Group, to further their commitment to deliver services that are resilient, simple and efficient, both now and in the future.

“We’re really excited to join forces with NatWest Group and help them discover outstanding scaleups beyond conventional FinTech.

It’s been fantastic to partner with such a progressive company; one that is curious to explore innovation shaping industries other than their own. We’re thrilled that NatWest shares our interest in ‘constructive’ innovation, scaleup technology that can help them get the most out of their critical infrastructure, people and processes.”

Alexander Sainty, Co-Founder and CEO, swiftscale

Through swiftscale, NatWest Group will augment their startup scouting capabilities and extend their reach into the global scaleup community to drive their digital transformation agenda. In turn, swiftscale’s scaleup network benefits from expedited access into the senior leadership of the bank.

“In a world that is changing at an ever increasing pace, being able to collaborate with the world’s most innovative startups and scaleups is critical to our future success, and that’s why our partnership with swiftscale is so exciting.  Our relationship with swiftscale helps extend our network and enables us to move at pace as we develop and stand up new capabilities that benefit our customers. I can’t wait to see what happens next.”

Kevin Hanley, Director of Innovation, NatWest Group


Our unique model for startup <> corporate collaboration enables senior executives to easily plug into the startup ecosystem and stay up to date with relevant, enterprise-ready innovation. We maintain a unique database of over 650 globally sourced, heavily vetted scaleups (fast-growth startups) and specialise in constructive innovation; emerging technologies that can protect a large enterprise, improve its processes and productivity or enhance its products or services.

Our network of business leaders includes CEOs and other c-suite from some of the world’s largest companies, including over 40% of the FTSE100. Examples of scaleups we’ve supported include Tessian, a tool to prevent staff from being caught out by phishing emails and identified as a ‘future unicorn’, C2FO, a company that has raised almost $400million and the creator of the first market for working capital, and Peak AI, awarded ‘Rising Star Partner of the Year 2019’ by AWS.

NatWest Group

We champion potential and seek to create a better future. As a UK banking and financial services company, we’ve evolved to meet the needs of large companies, as well as small businesses and individuals.

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