Founded: 2008

Leadership: Alexander Kemper

Total funding: $397.7m

Team size: 201 – 250

Head office: Kansas, US

C2FO lets vendors take control of their cash flow while their customers improve their bottom line and supply chain health. It generates millions in new EBITDA, reduces risk and is endorsed by UK Government.

The financial system is broken; there’s more cash than ever sitting on corporate balance sheets earning record-low returns while funding for suppliers is more expensive or illusive. C2FO is the first working capital market in the world. Their ability to create a seamless match between A/R and A/P has enabled efficiency in the riskless provisioning of working capital between suppliers and buyers. With C2FO, suppliers can take control of their cash flow; buyers can increase EBITDA and gross margin and earn a better return on short-term cash, which improves the financial health of their supply chains.