Selections: Driving Customer Experience

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2017 founded, Undisclosed raised, 10-25 employees, UK-based

Client snapshot:

Gatwick, Gousto, GSK, TotalAV

What do they do?

DataSparQ identifies opportunities for AI in businesses and delivers solutions which transform day-to-day operations. DataSparQ focuses on the practical application of data platforms, data science and machine learning to create tools businesses use every day to improve efficiency, effectiveness and to create more value to customers.

Why we’re interested?

Customer data is everywhere, but enterprises face huge challenges when it comes to harnessing this data and using it to drive customer sales. DataSparQ helps businesses gather and analyse data, turning data insights into actionable solutions driving customer traction. In one use-case, DataSparQ used in-store purchase data to provide insights on better retail locations for a client.

“Within three months, DataSparQ anonymised customer data to build accurate predictive models of how customers would spend. The output was a list of priority locations ranked by predicted year 1 revenues with clear explanations to augment the final investment”. The results for the client were optimised retail footprint, with a considerable $12m + annual revenue increase. 

Other similar use cases include turning traffic data into better car parking experiences, salad sales into less food waste, supply and demand data into happier holiday makers and job vacancy data into opportunities for job seekers. DataSparQ’s Managing Director has impressive experience in data analytics, previously Head of Analytics at Accenture and VP Commercial at QuantumBlack, a data analysis and visualisation software company.


2015 founded, $2.3m raised, 25-50 employees, UK-based

Client snapshot:

Amex, Boots, Monica Vinader Jewellery, Unilever

What do they do?

DuelTech has developed both the technology and methodology to enable purpose-led brands to drive organic growth through word of mouth and advocacy. Committed to working with brands that put people and the planet over profit, Duel is facilitating word-of-mouth marketing and reducing reliance on digital advertising.

Why we’re interested

Word of mouth has long been the most favoured marketing technique due to its low-cost and generally high conversion rates. However, it has historically been hard to manage and optimise with little ways of knowing who is saying what about your brand, where and when.

This is where Duel offers an innovative solution that enables brands to drive growth through word-of-mouth and advocacy. With Duel, brands can turn loyal customers into brand advocates using an online portal that allows members to complete challenges, drive and track loyalty purchases, refer friends, track sales and upload content. 

Don’t worry… This is not a social media influencer tool in disguise as there is one crucial difference. Ambassadors are not paid to pretend to like the brand but rather Duel harnesses genuinely passionate brand customers to drive marketing. These customers are rewarded with perks such as vouchers, discounts and early access for the brands that they love, resulting in happy customers as well as an honest and effective brand marketing strategy… the best of both worlds!

201founded, $20.5m raised, 50-100 employees, UK-based

Client snapshot:

Ebay, Microsoft, National Express, Unilever

What do they do?

Limitless is an AI-powered platform designed to engage and connect with customers digitally. The platform uses customers as brand ambassadors to engage with other customers whenever and wherever they choose in exchange for compensation, thereby enabling businesses to increase customer service efficiency and lower costs easily.

Why we’re interested

Limitless allows brands to access the untapped potential of their customers, partners or employees to create a distributed customer service expert network. Limitless uses an AI platform to enable companies to invite brand experts to join their SmartCrowd platform and provide customer interaction solutions for the brands they love. 

Limitless uses criteria such as loyalty schemes, social media engagement and high satisfaction rates to find the best experts for their brand, from a range of countries and languages. The good news for participants is that the expert network is rewarded through monetary compensation which varies in relation to the length of the customer request, time of day and so forth.  

Limitless can boast multiple awards including the Gold Winner of the European Contact Centre and Customer Service Award 2020 and the UK Winner of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 in 2018.

2018 founded, $780k raised, 10-25 employees, The Netherlands-based

Client snapshot:

Bryte Insurance, Momentum Life Service, Telesure Investment Holdings

What do they do? develops a customer discovery platform intended to help clients understand their customers better. The platform easily integrates customer calls, interviews and feedback to analyse customer preferences, enabling clients to increase their sales.

Why we’re interested

Large enterprises are seeing more and more scrutiny concerning the fair treatment of their customers from regulatory bodies. Misleading advertisements and poor advice have been identified as key areas leading to customer mistreatment .  In response, more guidance and regulation is emerging around how firms should act and, for example, in February 2021 the Financial Conduct Authority launched a guide on the fair treatment of vulnerable customers.

However, with increased scrutiny comes the problem: how can firms maintain high quality, accurate and cost-efficient customer interactions and assurance at scale? Voyc seeks to solve this problem, using AI speech analytics to enable firms to check 100% of contact centre interactions. The speech analytics feature identifies and flags customer interactions that are regulatory significant, such as customer complaints or the identification of vulnerable customers. 

Voyc boasts strong results with 100% monitored calls, 99% complaints automatically captured, 50% reduction in formal complaints and 5x more calls observed by QA assessors. Additionally, Voyc promises quick and easy implementation with bank grade security, and is backed by solid investors including Techstars, Google for Startups and Nvidia.


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