Finding Scaleup Needles In Tech Stacks

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At swiftscale, we support and connect leading organisations and investors with exceptional enterprise technology scaleups to enhance their business or portfolio.

We have developed a comprehensive and highly tailored partnership offering to address our clients’ current and future strategic objectives. Across a series of articles, we’re pulling back the curtain on our process and exploring what it means to be our partner.

Immersion sessions:

In this article, we introduce you to our immersion sessions: pitching showcases that we organise and mediate to efficiently introduce our partners to highly-curated scaleups to help them quickly discover high-impact opportunities for scaleup technology. 

Over the course of 9 weeks, we work collaboratively with our partners to bring to light key areas across their business that can be improved through technology. 

Week 1: preparation

We meet with nominated executives to explore and define areas of interest as well as the scope of the session. We dive into their key data points, criteria and strategic needs to enable us to conduct the most refined and targeted scout that we can.

Weeks 2-4: scouting, qualification and selection

We leverage our proprietary database and global network to scout for emerging category leaders; identifying and engaging with the best scaleup founders for our partners. Using insights from our discussions, we initially find 100+ applicable scaleups and use our quality filter as well as our partner’s specific requirements to refine the list of contenders. 

We then conduct interviews with each scaleup according to our strict vetting process to determine partner/scaleup fit. This allows us to gather enough information to build a picture of each selected scaleup and their capabilities, relevance and commercial success to date. 

Our analysis and findings are put together in a comprehensive report (stay tuned for our next article with more on this…) that we share for our partner’s review.

Weeks 5-8: onboarding & logistics

We organise a meeting to scan through the report together and agree on a final list of scaleups based on the partner’s feedback and our insights. Our team will then be in charge of arranging every aspect of the upcoming session from logistics and content to finding a venue with the flexibility to organise it both online and offline based on preference.

We liaise with the founders, brief them and support them with the preparation of relevant introductory material and presentations.

Quality is absolutely paramount … with that in mind, ahead of the session, we organise a rehearsal and involve our key partner contact. This way, the key contact is able to meet the scaleups in advance and offer input on elements that may need improvement based on knowledge of the attendees’ areas of expertise and expectations. 

Week 9: session execution

We run the showcase event where the partner is presented with quick fire pitches from 5 leading scaleups within their key areas or themes chosen. The format we use for our session is built to foster interaction and enable qualified, efficient conversations with all scaleups representatives.

Case study to highlight the success of a session run by swiftscale

Follow up process:

We collate all of the feedback gathered from the process up to the session, and that itself, from the partner organisation and share it with our key contact via a dedicated partner page (more on that in a future article!). 

We then organise a progression meeting and subsequently facilitate formal introductions.

Generally, we find a 90% – 100% success rate from these sessions regarding follow-on introductions, and within 6 months 60% are continuing to progress conversations about deployment within the organisation.

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