Where’s Wally Technology?

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At swiftscale, we support and connect leading organisations and investors with exceptional enterprise technology scaleups to enhance their business or portfolio.

We have developed a comprehensive and highly tailored partnership offering to address our clients’ current and future strategic objectives. Across a series of articles, we’re pulling back the curtain on our process and exploring what it means to be our partner.

Ecosystem report

This month, we are turning the spotlight on our ecosystem reports: a deep-dive into key themes and trends within a specific technology topic to help our partners uncover relevant scaleups and their potential value-add applications.

An example of our scouting process, with a focus on Data Management

How we do it

As mentioned in our August article covering swiftscale’s immersion sessions, reports are the product of a thorough and rigorous scouting, qualification and selection process. This way, we make sure that our partners have access to the most tailored and pertinent data in their search for the perfect scaleup / corporate fit.

We maintain a stringent discovery and vetting process through five main steps: interview, identify, review, refine, reveal.

Let us run you through how we help our partners find the most applicable companies.

First, we sit with executive stakeholders to bring to light opportunities across their business for scaleup technology. Based on these discussions and using our own database and network, we then search globally for and engage with leading founders within defined category trends and key focus areas. This information-gathering exercise enables us to gain more granular details into a scaleup’s capability, relevance and commercial success for our review. We subsequently assess the business against our criteria and that of our partner to shorten our list of potential candidates. Finally, we prepare overviews of each of the 20+ selected companies along with a tailored analysis from our scouting team to be presented in the report.

Our report structure

We initially provide a comprehensive introduction to swiftscale: who we are, what we do, our focus, our process.

Then, through our research and partner input, we identify and present the major category trends that are shaping and impacting strategic business areas, e.g. data graphing to facilitate collaboration within data management.

Based on further conversations with our partner, we move on to highlighting key focus areas within our category trends that can be supported / enhanced through new technology / scaleup partnership, e.g. relationship graphing of data to uncover hidden insights.

This allows us to narrow down our analysis to a selection of highly-curated scaleups within our identified category trends and key focus areas. In this part of the report, we provide a detailed company overview of each of the vetted scaleups as illustrated by the following snapshot. Specifically, our partner will find here a section dedicated to key figures and facts about the company as well as a brief summary and overview of its activities. Additionally, we offer a deeper and tailored look into the scaleup’s capabilities and main features, key people, investor and client base including relevant case studies to exemplify the firm’s commercial success to date.

Our ecosystem report is a central piece of our partnership package not only highlighting our scouting capabilities but also the extensive database and close-knit network that we have built over the years. As a result, we are today able to rapidly pinpoint high-quality candidates for our partners and efficiently engage founders to facilitate future introductions.

Example of a selected scaleup

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